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Welcome to Midlothian Business Directory, The Only Dedicated Business Directory for Business in Midlothian, Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, Gorbridge, Loanhead and surrounding areas.

How A Web Directory Works - Most people are familiar with the concept of search engines these days. In fact, most Internet users turn to search engines on an almost daily basis to help locate information on a specific topic. Internet directories on the other hand are often overlooked, misunderstood and under appreciated by searchers looking for just the right site and by site owners looking to improve their traffic.

Often mistaken for search engines, directories are actually collections of human reviewed web sites that have been arranged into topical categories. Popular directories like Yahoo!, Best of the Web and Yell.com can serve as excellent starting points for navigating the Internet. They can also serve as a valuable resource for small business owners looking for ways to drive more traffic to their web sites.

How Do Directories Impact Search Marketing? - Much the way humans do, search engines also view directories as valuable starting points, sending their spiders to the directories to get started on their journey through the Internet. By starting at a directory, a search engine is able to find high quality, hand selected sites to add to their database. The search engines then "follow" the links on those sites to find a second set of sites, and so on and so forth as they journey their way through the Internet.

Getting listed in a directory like Yahoo! or Best of the Web can be a great way to get your site "in front of" a search engine. In fact, when search marketers talk about the importance of building good incoming links to your site in order to help you get found by the search engines, many of them will tell you that the best places to start when building links are the popular directories.


Q.Whats the cost to list my business? 

A.£10 per year

Q. How do I pay?

A. Paypal

Q. Can I list on more than one page?

A. Yes and it does not cost extra you can add your business to a maximum of 4 pages.